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Haunted Halloween Escape is a point and click room escape game with a horror theme and a scary atmosphere. You move from one room to another, open drawers, pick up various objects, solve puzzles to finally leave this horrific place. First pick up the knife from the drawer. Than watch through the window and memorize the movement direction of witch, ghost, bat and spider. Use this information to unlock the second drawer. This will get you a pair of pliers. A ghost catcher is hidden in a safe deposit box behind the picture. You can use it to suck in the ghost which roams in the first room. Eye of the newt is kept in a jar on the desk. Basically, you are collecting items to prepare an escape potion which recipe takes following ingredients: spider, fangs, eye of newt, toad essence, bones and iron. To get the potion work, you must apply all of the items from the recipe in the exact order.
You are now playing Teralumina's Haunted Halloween Escape that is part of the game series: Action & Adventure! We recommend you to play similar games to Teralumina's Haunted Halloween Escape like: Escape 3D Halloween, Connect Halloween, Great Halloween House Escape Avg time: 5:27 , Plays: 390
Puzzle, 1 player, Flash, Escape, Skeleton, Ghost, Scary, Witch, Halloween, Point & Click.