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This is a simple game. But being simple does not mean it is bad, it is just simple you know! And of course, this game features a penguin! Who does not like a penguin?! It is a penguin, come on now! It is the cutest animal since like ever like forever! Now that we are done with praising the penguin, Penguin is an action platformer! There are a total of 16 levels filled with saws and spikes.
You are now playing Penguin! that is part of the game series: Arcade & Classic! We recommend you to play similar games to Penguin! like: Club Penguin: How to Get Away With Murder, Hidden Numbers - Surf's Up, Penguin Pipe Maze Avg time: 2:07 , Plays: 376
1 player, Flash, Blood, Platforms, Jumping, Penguin.