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Today is the wedding anniversary of Victoria and Jonathan. Both of them were gifted a grand looking Hello kitty Doll on the day of the wedding. They decorate the doll on the day of the anniversary. This year is going to be something special for them. Sam, their child was born on the same day of the wedding. Sam the only child has asked for a favour from the parents. They will definitely fulfil what he had asked for. For, today is his birthday. He has planned to watch his favourite hero’s movie at the theatre. For the couples today is as important as decorating the hello kitty doll house in a grand manner. You are going to adorn the doll house on their behalf. They have already left to the theater. Adorn the hello kitty doll house in an elegant manner. This is your gift for the family. You can take as much as time you want. Start decorating the doll house now.
You are now playing Hello Kitty Wedding Doll House that is part of the game series: Management! We recommend you to play similar games to Hello Kitty Wedding Doll House like: Clean Up Rush, Cutaway House Escape-3, Evelyn Diamantes Avg time: 6:06 , Plays: 6899
1 player, Flash, Girl, Kitten, Cat, House, Cartoon.