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Let’s go! In other words, keeping the creeper alive from all dangerous creatures is the main target of players in this game. Making considerable preparations for the battle is usually the best way to gain the victory against these creatures. Firstly, the players should create a strong sword by getting wood and mining rocks. After that, use it for defeating zombies and killing pigs to increase their lives. Let’s try it now!
You are now playing Creep Craft 2 Demo that is part of the game series: Action & Adventure! We recommend you to play similar games to Creep Craft 2 Demo like: Super Champy Vivar, The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter, Tetrix 2 Egyptian Avg time: 7:56 , Plays: 11640
Arcade, 1 player, Flash, Action, Platforms, Side Scrolling, Retro.